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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Documentary of BBC on Nirbhaya's Brutality rape and Murder

i have seen documentary of BBC on Nirbhaya's Brutality rape and in India every one want to teach others, about what to do or not even they don't think what they are or what they are doing self....they just open his mind and mouth to teach people do this that etc....i seen this documentary and listen thought of un-educated and educated people both...i found no max difference between some of them thinking....but i want to mark one thing here some uneducated slum people wanted to teach that girl what is right or wrong to do for her...who given this right to them...that nonsense uneducated slum dogs...they are criminal, alcoholic ...even their Friends, co-workers saying that i have nothing to say good feature about them....and these dogs saying we wanted to teach a lesson to that girl....everyone think how people doing and reacting in other's matter.... here in India everything is belongs to question mark...and today my mind is also raise a lot of question marks ?????????????????????????????????

mai bus ek baat kahna chahunga hamare samaj mein etna bada gapp hai ki woh hamare samaj ko kha jayega...ek taraf toh hirise building mein rahne wale doctots engineers aur beusinessman aur dusri taraf unhi hirise building k pass bani jhugiyon mein rahne wale sarabi,chor, anpadh gawanr log....kya hota hoga jab dono aaame saamne aate honge...ek ki soch kahti hai ki hum apne comfirt k hisab se jite hai aur yahi hona bhi chahiye aur ek kahta hai ki tumhare comfert se mujhe taklif hoti hai aur mujhe sirf ek hi chij dikhayi deti hai aur woh hai jism...hum kaise badal payenge ess samaj ko...aur kya kya hoga...aur kya aise hi chalta rahega...ya sirf fir sarkar hi kaam karegi...kya hume bhi kuchh karna chahiye apne samaj k liye...kuchh toh sochna padega....kuchh toh karna padega...aap bhi sochiye aur kijiye...mai bhi sochta hoon aur karta hoon....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Common Traits Of Happy People (That They Don’t Talk About)


Happiness. It’s the term thrown around more often than any other term when people are asked what they are looking for in life. A loving partner, a fun high-paying job and endless world travel are also amongst some of the most common answers, however all of these are preference-based means to the one ultimate end, which is happiness. Being so sought-after, I thought I’d comprise a list of common traits that seem to be found in happy people -and I’m talking about the genuinely happy people, and not just those who appear to be so on the surface.

By compiling this list I’m not suggesting that these are the only keys to happiness, I’m simply shedding light on some common characteristics I’ve come to find.


1. Love Themselves For Who They Are

On the surface this may sound incredibly egotistical, but by it I simply mean that they are truly comfortable in their own shoes. They accept and embrace themselves physically, they maintain their true character traits regardless of whether or not they receive approval and they work to make the best of the human experience they are living -rather than wallow in what others would define as weaknesses or shortcomings.

2. See Relationships As An Extension To, Rather Than The Basis Of The Human Experience

Relationships, whether friendly, familial or romantic, are certainly one of the greatest parts of the human experience. However, far too many of us let their presence or absence, and even more so the value we attribute to them dictate our overall happiness in life. I’ve found that genuinely happy people tend to find complete contentment within themselves, and see all relationships as the awesome extension to their self-content. It’s often when we are not looking for others to fill a particular void, or to make us feel a certain way, that most of the truest and most-valuable relationships are formed.

3. Embrace Change

Life is a constant lesson and happy people tend to be well-aware of that. Not only are they always open to change, but they truly listen to suggestions, respect and consider all opinions and take criticism constructively rather than offensively.

4. Celebrate Rather Than Compare Themselves To The Accomplishments Of Others

Jealousy is a killer, and as Gary Allan once said, “You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” We are all capable of accomplishing anything in this life and are the only ones that are going to find the drive within ourselves to do it. Rather than observe and compare to those who have accomplished, the truly happy tend to celebrate it and use it as motivation to accomplish things within their own lives.

5. Never Dwell In Being A Victim

We’ve all been the so-called ‘victim’ to several things in life. Whether it be an unexpected break-up, getting fired from a job, or even something as serious as the recipient of domestic abuse. Truly happy people tend to be those who choose not to dwell in it. They choose to let the victimization strengthen them, rather than wear it as a badge of weakness or as the thing that makes them consistently worthy of receiving sympathy.

6. They Live In The Present

As fun as reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future can be, nothing will ever be done in anything but the present and happy people tend to realize that. Not only do they realize it, but they tend to use it as motivation to make the most of it. In addition to being motivating, presence can also come in handy for truly appreciating those moments of relaxation, allowing yourself to be truly in them, rather than projecting future concerns into them.

7. Trust That Everything Happens For A Reason

This can very easily be paired with the choice to not be a victim, but happy people tend to trust the process and existence of everything in their life. They know that nothing is ever too big to handle and choose to embrace what life is currently throwing at them rather than cowering at the sight of it.

8. They Don’t Let Money Dictate Their Lives

Nobody is denying that in this world right now we all need money to exist, and as a result many of us spend the bulk of our lives doing things that help us earn it. What I’ve found to differentiate happy people is that they don’t let money be the ultimate dictator in their life. They still make sensible choices within their means, but they never let money: A) prevent them from pursuing a so-called “risky” passion, B) be the factor that is blamed for why their life is so miserable, C) complain about how little they have. There are creative ways to do everything in this world, and seeing money as only being possible to make in the standard ways is the most crippling thing to that creativity.

9. Look Within For Solutions

One of the most powerful realizations a genuinely happy person will often operate based on is “change starts within.” The empowerment that comes as a result of not only realizing this but even more so in using it as the backbone to everything in life can be quite remarkable. There are thousands of books, mantras, techniques and practices out there that can all help us to find solutions to so many things in life, but they all require one thing to truly be serviceable: the consciousness to support them.


Source: Written by Mark DeNicola